Bibiesse, Internet Club - The Voice of The Village
Bibiesse, Internet Club - The Voice of The Village
Bibiesse, Internet Club - The Voice of The Village

Statute of Bibiesse, Club

Bibiesse, Club - The Voice of the Village

is indipendent from political or religious parties and movements

It is a non-profit association which neither supports not promotes the business interests of any kind of concern. Purposes of the Club are:

a) to make possible the exchange of news, ideas and opinions between its members through its network organization;
b) to support the development of digital communication as a way to information and cultural enrichment;
c) to help increase experience and knowledge among its members and all users of digital communication services;
d) collect and spread information, data and news aiming at a better understanding - both by the general public and the mass media - of the digital communication world and its primary importance in modern societies;
e) to support the right and fair use of digital communications by its members as well as any user;
f) to co-operate, in the whole world, with other associations, organizations and bodies which pursue similar aims.

1th September 1995
from the Statute of BIBIESSE Club


Bibiesse, Club is a no-profit Internet club. See our Statute to learn more about Bibiesse, Club. Thanks!
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